Killer A5 Haze Feminized



  • Format Feminized
  • Sativa / Indica ratio 80 % sativa / 20 % indica
  • THC 23-30 %
  • CBD Null
  • CBG 0.3 %
  • Flowering indoors 9-12 weeks
  • Flowering outdoors End of October / Early November
  • Yield Very High

A5 Haze is one of the rarest mothers (and probably the most powerful one) belonging to the family of Dutch elite clones of Haze hybrids that Nevil Schoenmakers developed at the end of the 80s and that are still preserved to this day. This Northern Lights #5/Haze A mother is characterised by its extremely trippy and devastating potency, high production and by its incensed, organic and meaty aromas of authentic Dutch ‘Old School’ Haze with a greater influence from ancient Colombian sativas. The rarity of this A5 Haze mother is due to Nevil losing the Haze A male very early on, meaning that seeds were never produced in commercial quantities using this Haze A male.

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