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Brooklyn Mango


  • Indoor flowering time: 8 to 9 weeks
  • Flowering time Outdoor: Early / Mid October
  • Int. Production: 500 – 700 gr (being able to maximize in SOG or SCROG, hydro or aero).
  • Ext production: 800 – 1,000 gr (depending on methods, it can increase or decrease).
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The study for the creation of Brooklyn Mango began looking for plants with a strong Mango aroma but that in turn kept a powerful structure of rock-hard buds. For this we start from our mother Ed. Rosenthal Super Bud, selected from original seeds of Sensi Seeds, was chosen for its indica character and its strong pineapple aroma.

It forms very dense buds which look like white stones filled with resin. It is the same creature that we used to create the super producer King Kong.

We tried different combinations to get the final result we were looking for, and we got it after selecting a New York City Diesel mother from original Soma Seeds seeds. This NYCD was chosen for a strong variable in its aromas, a mix between mango and diesel.

Although in the chosen mother the said diesel aroma is not very noticeable, it is different in its offspring. Combining this exquisitely with tropical touches of mango, lemon and pineapple.

The result of this work is a preciousness that takes between 8 and 9 weeks to flower. Hard, compact, dense buds, full of resin, typical herb that needs more drying than normal, because it always seems fresh due to the large number of trichomes that cover the plant as fat.

With a light training in the form of a bush we will obtain a multitude of heads which will end up as white resin tails giving off a superior aroma, undoubtedly hardly forgettable.

Perfect for any type of crops, always achieving better results in systems

hydroponic and aeroponic. Suitable for beginners who always have a minimum knowledge of cannabis cultivation.

For more advanced growers, we invite you to cultivate with a mesh system to achieve abysmal production. Brooklyn Mango responds very well to bush training.

For outdoor cultivations carried out on mother earth it is recommended to take extreme precautions since it can grow explosively both vertically and horizontally. The production in mother earth with good nutrients can give plants of almost 1 kilogram of dried bud, and above all, without losing an iota of quality.

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