Ztrawberry Fizz Seeds


Flower cycle: 63 to 77 days
Yield: 550/m2
Ratio: Hybrid
Lineage: Runtz x Pancakes (London Pound Cake #75 x Kush Mints #11)

Sex: Feminized
THC: 26%+

Introducing Ztrawberry Fizz Seeds, a dazzling hybrid born from the illustrious Runtz, and Pancakes (London Pound Cake #75 x Kush Mints #11). This genetic masterpiece offers an exhilarating 63 to 77-day flowering cycle that unveils its vibrant essence.

Prepare for a sensory symphony as its structure showcases the perfect balance between its lineage’s genetic prowess. A bountiful yield of 550g/m2 offering a harvest of luscious, resin-drenched buds exuding an irresistible aroma.

The terpene profile of Ztrawberry Fizz orchestrates a captivating blend, harmonising sweet strawberry Z with notes of earthy mint and cookies, unveiling layers of complex flavours and aromas. This hybrid marvel embodies the epitome of balance, delivering an enchanting experience cherished by cannabis connoisseurs.

Discover the embodiment of hybrid excellence with Ztrawberry Fizz – a radiant testament to our commitment to crafting extraordinary cannabis seeds.


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