Strawnana Juice Regular


Brand Crockett Family Farms
Pack Size 12 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time 9-10 Weeks
Lineage (Stawberry Banana x Juice) Bx
Yield Medium – High
Seed Type Regular

Strawnana Juice Regular Cannabis Seeds by Crockett Family Farms is a hybrid of the legendary strain Strawberry Banana bred for the extraction of resin as well as flowers. It is a unique strain, providing an elite fusion of terps and resin production. (Strawberry Banana x Juice) Bx is the specific cross that makes up the Strawnana Juice, this regular seed form of the Strawnana Juice is a backcross to help cement those fruity Strawbery Banana and the Juice notes!

Juice is a cross of two fruity cultivars, the old-school Shiskaberry and Crockett’s legendary Tangie, with a profile identical to sickly fresh citrus notes. Shiskaberry itself is a cross of DJ Short Blueberry to an elite Afghani male.

The decadent berry notes from the Shiskaberry are effortlessly fruity with savoury, earthy, and spicy banknotes from the Afghani lineage. Combine this with the delightful strawberry banana candy and freshly squeezed Spanish orange juice, which is a true tropical delight. Strawnana Juice is heavy in the Strawberry Banana candy side of the spectrum and is sure to be enjoyed by all kinds of smokers.

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Weight 0.005 kg
Dimensions 11 × 10 × 1 cm
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