Strawnana Dulce Regular


Brand Crockett Family Farms
Pack Size 12 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time 8- 9 Weeks
Lineage Dulce Bx x Strawnana Juice
Yield Medium – High
Seed Type Regular

Strawnana Dulce Regular Cannabis Seeds by Crockett Family Farms is one of several new Crocketts’ newest hybrids that stem from the insane heritage of two of Crockett’s heavy hitters, Strawberry Banana and the Tangie.

Strawnana Dulces‘ father is the Strawnana Juice, bred by crossing the legendary terpene-rich strain Strawberry Banana packed with terp-rich resin, lending itself perfectly for extraction, with the Juice, which is crossed with some stunning fruit-filled numbers of the classic Shishkaberry & the Tangie. Meanwhile, the mother comes from a Dulce De Uva BX bred by Bloom Seed Co, a cross of the Dulce De Uva with Black Maple.

Dulce De Uva means Sweet Grapes, indicating the profile is heavy with dank grape and candy notes. On the other side of the mother’s genetics is the Black Maple, which crosses the Dulce De Uva with the new-school legendary Sherbbanger heavy with Sherbet notes and delightful sour lime & diesel gas. Sherbanger crosses Karma Genetics Headbange with the Sunset Sherbert, one of the most significant strains in the last few years.

The delightful fusion of Strawnana Dulce provides an exotic tropical, sweet profile ripe with tints of bananas and freshly harvested berries.

Strawanana Dulce is a ripe and exotic strain bound to entice various palates.

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