Strawberry Gum CBD


Cup Winner No
Medicinal No
Flowering Type Standard
Yield High
THC Content Minimum (0-5%)
CBD Content Very High (10% +)
Environment Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
Genetics Mainly Sativa
Height Medium
Flowering Time 9-10 WEEKS

Advanced Seeds offers a very complete cannabis seed catalogue with all kinds of genetics. Here it presents a feminised variety rich in CBD, low in THC and with exceptional flavours. It is a cross that originates from a previous work between Bubble Gum and Strawberry, which result was crossed with a CBD-rich strain. Advanced Seeds, after a long and arduous genetic work, is proud to present Strawberry Gum CBD.

Strawberry Gum CBD produces vigorous plants, thanks to its genetic heritage, reaching a medium-tall size with a spaced distance between nodes. It develops a central bud where the main production is concentrated. It also produces a multitude of secondary branches that deliver medium density buds. It offers abundant harvests, with yields of about 550g per m2 indoors. In outdoor cultivation, it also provides very interesting results. A plant does not require special care.

The flowering period is about 60-65 days after the photoperiod change depending on growing conditions and phenotype.

Its genetic heritage offers a fast flowering period, making it a good opportunity to experience the cultivation of a Sativa dominant plant. Outdoors, harvest ready in early October.

Both parentals, Bubble Gum and Strawberry, are renowned for their high concentration of terpenes and flavours that have marked the cannabis scene forever. They are strains that surely many growers still remember years after using them. Strawberry Gum CBD offers intensely fruity flavours, with a very sweet base reminiscent of the tastiest strawberries. A high concentration of myrcene and gualiol are present among the plant’s terpenes.

Strawberry Gum CBD offers a CBD level of up to 16%, based on the growing conditions and phenotypes grown. The THC concentration is 0.4%. Its consumption offers the experience of a CBD-rich strain with very little THC, which means no psychoactive effects.

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