Panama A5 Haze



Format Feminized
Sativa / Indica ratio 80 % sativa / 20 % indica
THC 22.15 %
CBD 0.04-0.08 %
CBG 0.89-1.73 %
Flowering indoors 11-15 weeks
Flowering outdoors November
Yield Very High

With Panama A5 Haze, lovers and seekers of the A5 Haze and the most incensed Dutch Haze are in luck. Among the hybridisation projects between our sativas and the legendary A5 Haze (Northern Lights #5/Haze A) by Nevil, the cross with Panama (our most complete and elaborate sativa) is probably the one with the greatest potential of all: a sublime 80% sativa hybrid with genetics mainly from Colombia, Panama and Afghanistan.

2 well differentiated main phenotypes can be found. The first and most common (60-70% of the plants) produces very dominant expressions of A5 Haze, with the extreme vigour of the original F1 A5 clone and an explosive sativa heterosis from the Panama, which perfectly capture and enhance the penetrating and most exciting old terpenes of leather, liver, charas, decaying flowers and outrageous incense of the A5 Haze, with more realistic finishing times (11-13 weeks), and an overwhelming quality and personality of an American sativa worthy of legend.

The yields of this first phenotype are massive: very long, fat colas due to reflowerings, formed by the accumulation of countless buds, really big, wide and beautiful, highly resinous, dense and meaty, with a very good flower/leaf ratio.

Growers looking for the most prolific expressions, best adapted for indoor growing, will take note to look for their favourite female in this phenotype, such expressions of Panama A5 Haze will immerse you in a dense mist of the most exotic and pungent Haze incenses of the 90s, but in this case without skunk, with less Afghan presence from Northern Lights, and with the always positive contribution of our Panama Goddess F10, which always enhances effects and terpene profiles with its elaborate lineage and refined top-notch American sativa qualities.

In contrast to the first phenotype, always tall expressions, but tamed and adapted to indoor growing, we find a less common recessive phenotype, with extremely dominant characteristics of the Nevil’s Haze A male (both in growth and flowering): like a non-hybridised old Mexican sativa expression, with much shorter internode distances, and slow flowering up to 15 weeks, not great adaptability to artificial light and without observable influence from NL #5 or Panama.

This second phenotype produces untamed pure sativa expressions, with much more modest yields indoors, but allows the incensed Dutch Haze lover to experience females with very dominant and reliable characteristics of Nevil’s Haze A male, whose offspring created the legend of the most incensed Haze hybrids.

Limited edition feminised, available while stock lasts.

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