Orange Bud 2.0


Cup Winner No
Medicinal No
Flowering Type Standard
Yield High
THC Content Very High (over 20%)
CBD Content Low (0-1%)
Environment Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
Genetics Indica/Sativa
Height Medium
Flowering Time 9-10 WEEKS

Orange Bud 2.0, the new version of one of the most famous cannabis classic – Orange Bud. A cannabis strain with a world-famous background and a cornerstone of the current cannabis gene pool.

As everyone knows, Skunk, Haze and Afghan are 3 of the most crossed and developed cannabis strains in the contemporary cannabis gene pool. Orange Bud is one of the classic Skunk varieties that Dutch Passion managed to develop and stabilise in the 80s and 90s until the buds were available in almost every Dutch coffee shop and also on every continent (in cannabis seed form).

A unique Skunk cultivar and decades-long bestseller with orange hairs on the buds. The beautiful frosty buds have a tasty fruity/orange aroma with a pleasurable high and good commercial value (easy to grow & clone, fast flowering time and a good yield).

The Dutch Passion new version, the Orange Bud 2.0, is now even fruitier, even more pungent and with even better bag appeal!

Orange Bud 2.0 has beautiful looking buds with an improved aroma and taste. The terpenes are even more intense and the bag appeal is improved compared to the original, the buds are more compact and completely covered in a thick layer of trichomes.

Orange Bud 2.0 is Dutch Passions answer to the changing market where growers are increasingly looking for powerful ‘terps ‘ and new flavour profiles. Orange Bud 2.0 is a cannabis strain available in feminised seeds and exclusive to Dutch Passion. She will appeal to both ‘new-school’ growers and ‘old-school’ fans of Orange Bud.

The aroma is fruity and slightly sweet with strong sour notes. You will notice this sourness in both the aroma and the taste. The intense ‘Orange’ character is dominant on both the inhale & exhale. This cultivar is wonderful to smoke or vape, intensely enjoyable!

Orange Bud 2.0 is a cross of the original and cup-winning Orange Bud mother with a special elite clone of Mimosa. Dutch Passions goal with this cross was to combine old and new to a level that would appeal to all types of growers and smokers. Even dedicated ‘old-school’ Orange Bud growers will love Orange Bud 2.0. But she will also be a hit with ‘new-school’ growers who like extravagant scent and flavour profiles.

Orange Bud 2.0 does not grow very large, she is slightly more Indica dominant than the original. If you grow her naturally without any growing methods, a height of about 75-100cm (2.5ft – 3ft) is quite typical – depending on the pot size and the light type/wattage. In the hands of good growers and an extended pre-growth period height be approximately between 100cm to a maximum of 150cm (~3ft – 5ft), but she doesn’t get much bigger.

Even first-time growers will enjoy growing Orange Bud 2.0 cannabis seeds. No special cultivation methods are required to achieve good results. By carefully stabilising her, she can also handle stress a little better than the original.

This is a unique new American-influenced Skunk cross. She produces robust branches and is easy to feed. The stretch is average and easy to predict. Orange Bud 2.0 does well in a SOG cultivation, just like her parents. Small pots, many plants per m2 and a short growth period promote a high yield.

Orange Bud 2.0 also grows easily naturally (with no growth techniques), but is slightly less suitable (compared to Original Orange Bud) for a SCROG due to her limited stretch and more compact plant structure. Orange Bud 2.0 can be harvested indoors after an average of 8-9 weeks.

She can also be relatively fast outdoors, making her a good candidate for harvesting early in the fall – especially in the warmer and dry areas. Around the Mediterranean region (and in similar climates/latitudes) she can be grown successfully outdoors.

Orange Bud 2.0 has a pleasant effect, the buds leave you in a wonderful dream-like state with a profound sense of calm and peace. The high potency of this strain provides a powerful effect that can last for several hours. Due to the hybrid genetics, the high has both a physical and mental effect. Due to the banging THC levels which average around 20%, this is a strong high with a creativity-promoting effect.

It makes your thoughts race. Orange Bud 2.0 is known for a ‘mellow up-high’ that can put you in an improved state of mind. The high potency also makes her suitable for medical users looking for high THC strains that can provide relief from pain, insomnia or lack-of-appetite.

The high is an intensely pleasurable experience that works well on social occasions or an evening on the couch with friends. The powerful fruity taste and the formidable high will bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Orange Bud 2.0 has an average flowering time of approximately 56-63 days. Different phenotypes can be slightly faster or slightly slower. But in general, in an indoor cultivation, a flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks applies. Due to the more indica-dominant hybrid genes, this crossing is slightly more compact in stature and has less stretch than the original Orange Bud.

An outdoor grow will be ready around mid-October in a temperate climate in the Northern Hemisphere. Make sure there is a rain-cover and good ventilation in the area – the buds become so compact that they can’t tolerate excessive rain, fog or moisture.

For most northern European (or similar) climates, this means that it is best to finish flowering indoors (with humidity control) during the last few weeks for best results. She does well in a sunny and dry climate and you will be amazed by the potential of this strain! She likes organic soil and coco-fibre the most. But she can also be grown hydroponically, which allows you to shorten the total growth time by a week or two.

Orange Bud 2.0 is a plant with a unique look. Some plants develop coloured and sometimes even dark shades on the leaves and around the buds. This is most visible in an outdoor grow. The contrast that arises with the bright white buds gives the flowers an exotic appearance. This is a strain that is easy to understand.

She prefers good organic soil and can tolerate quite a few nutrients. In addition, she is a nice strain to manipulate, top (or ‘fim’) it and during veg growth phase it is best to lollypop her and defoliate several times. When growing outdoors, it is recommended to top the plants, so that an even bushier plant is created where the central main bloom is divided into several smaller blooms.

This is especially important in slightly more temperate climates. Topping several times can then be a solution to reduce the risk of bud rot and mold. It is therefore best to grow her in containers, so that you can move the plants in bad weather. Orange Bud 2.0 is not really an ideal strain for the open ground.

For the highest yield in an indoor grow, we recommend the SOG method. Pots averaging between 7-11L work fine with a few weeks of pre-growth. Finally, make sure you have a good carbon filter system because this strain can reek with great pungency, especially in late flowering!

Orange Bud 2.0 is an improved and upgraded version of the original Dutch Passion classic Orange Bud in which the original properties, such as the unmistakable orange aroma and taste, have been retained. This new selection was made by crossing Dutch Passions Orange Bud with Mimosa (Clementine x Purple Punch) and the result is extremely impressive.

Compact buds with a favourable flower-leaf ratio that are easy to trim and have outstanding bag appeal. Dutch Passion are very happy and proud to finally be able to share this new creation with you after years of development.

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