Guerilla Gold#2 X Guerilla Gold#2

Harvest end of August / Early September
Height: 3+ feet.
Yield: 2+ oz per plant.
Auto/Semi Automatic

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Strain Lineage: GG#2 x GG#2

GG#2 Is an extremely early and semi-autoflowering hybrid that is suitable for northern outdoor growers or any outdoor grower looking for an early harvest of potent buds.
Ideally put outside as seedlings at the end of May to reduce risk of early flower triggering, GG#2 will finish by the end of August early September. The plants reach only about 3 feet tall and finish with large bushy colas covered in sparking trichomes. GG#2 has a deep sweet seasoning smell with acidic, spicy, and fruity undertones and the taste is very satisfying. The dried buds are large, can be quite dense, and have very good bag appeal, expect 2 ounce per plant in ideal conditions.

GG#2 x GG#2 can be temperamental in Indoor conditions when starting seedlings , we recommend to start seedlings no earlier than mid April ,no less than 17/7 – 18/6 light regime for vegetative stage and not plant out before spring equinox , plant out mid May onwards to stop the onset of early flowering for best results.

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Weight 0.005 kg
Dimensions 11 × 10 × 1 cm
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