Grape X Regular


Brand Crockett Family Farms
Pack Size 12 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time 8-9 Weeks
Lineage (GDP x Juice) x Strawnana Juice
Yield Medium – High
Seed Type Regular

Grape X Regular Cannabis Seeds by Crockett Family Farms is a new hybrid to join the Strawnana Juice range of seeds. The mother of the Grape-X is the old-school legend strain Grandaddy Purp crossed with Juice.

Grape X Genetics

GDP is believed to be a cross of Purple Urkle and Big Bud; this old-school strain packed deep purples, intense grape notes & heavy effects in an extra moreish package. The GDP is classed by many as one of the original true grape strains, she still holds a place in many elite smokers hearts and as such this hybrid is bound to be something special!

On one side of the mix, we have the male part. It comes from Strawnana Juice. This is made by mixing Banana Kush with a kind of Bubble Gum called “Strawberry.” Strawnana is like a tropical fruit smoothie filled with rich flavours. It smells sweet and fruity, just like strawberries and bananas. It makes you feel relaxed but also happy. The Strawnana buds are really packed and have a thick coat of tiny, shiny crystals. Its smell is a great mix of sweet berries and a touch of earthy smells. It usually takes 8-9 weeks to grow. It’s a great match to cross with The Juice.

The Juice is like a fruity child of two other strains. Tangie is one of them; it smells like fresh citrus fruits and makes you feel full of energy. The other parent is the Shiskaberry, known for its berry taste and calming effect. When these two mix, you get The Juice. The Juice is a unique blend that can lift your mood and help you relax simultaneously.

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