Ahmar F2


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Ahmar F2, regular,

Ahmar (Arabic for Red) is an Heirloom variety created in the 70s or 80s by a Moroccan Hash Farmer. He crossed Panama Red seeds he collected in the 1960’s with a ‘Sativa’ Hashplant from the Chefchaouen region to shorten flowering time and improve structure. Terps are Earthy/Woody/Musky/Coffee/Rose/Citrus.
The ‘Red’ phenos Have some bodystone and an active cerebral high whilst other phenos lean more towards a soaring sativa high. Potency is good, taste is akin to a sweet bubba, and they take 9-10 weeks. These F2s are the first seeds of the line ever to be made available. Search ‘Ahmar’ at icmag for the thread.

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