GOAT’lato Auto


Strain Type: Autoflowering
THC: 20%
CBD: Low
Genetic Background: Gelato 44 x Cookies Auto
Type: Sativa 25% Indica 65% Ruderalis 10%
Flowering time: 7 – 9 weeks
Harvest Month: 10 – 11 weeks after sprouting
Height Indoor: 70 – 120 cm
Height Outdoor: 130 – 160 cm
Yield Indoor : 375 – 450 gr/m2
Yield Outdoor: 130 – 180 gr/plant
Climate: Short Summers
Effect: Euphoric, Physically Relaxing
Flavour: Cookie, Earthy, Fruity

GOAT’lato Auto: Destined for Greatness

RQS has entered Mike Tyson’s corner. Through an exclusive collaboration with Tyson 2.0, we’re making his favourite strains available in seed form. Find out why GOAT’lato Auto marijuana seeds deserve a place in your grow room or garden.

GOAT’lato Auto: The Successor of Gelato 44 & Cookies Auto

When future generations look back at Gelato genetics, GOAT’lato Auto will certainly rank as one of the Greatest Of All Time. Much of the success of this champion cultivar boils down to her legendary parent strains. Gelato 44 passed down boatloads of scrumptious terpenes, whereas Cookies Auto infused the progeny with speedy growing times.

Effects, Flavours, and Aromas of GOAT’lato Auto: Sweet and Relaxing

The GOAT’lato Auto weed strain pulls no punches when it comes to its effect. A seemingly moderate THC content of 20% synergises with saccharine terpenes to produce a deeply relaxing and euphoric high that fills the most menial of tasks with the excitement of a title fight. As she sends waves of relaxation pulsing across the body, her aromatic chemicals target the taste buds with flavours of cookies, fruit, and earthiness.

Growing Characteristics of GOAT’lato Auto Seeds

Left to her own devices, GOAT’lato Auto becomes a bulky heavyweight. However, growers can easily facilitate a weight cut using different training techniques to keep her small and light. Indoor plants grow to 70–120cm and produce up to 450g/m². In contrast, outdoor plants peak at a height of 160cm and are capable of producing up to 180g/plant. This speedy strain cruises through her entire growing cycle in as little as 10 weeks, making her ideal for those seeking a quick stash.

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Dimensions 11 × 10 × 1 cm
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