Moby Dick


40%  SATIVA  –  60%  INDICA 

THC:  23,00%  CBD:  0,12%   CBN:  0,12%

Haze x White Widow.

Strong, intense sativa high, combined with a powerful body-stoned feeling that does not want to leave for long time.

9 weeks, with a yield up to 800 gr/m2.
Very good for SCRoG.

Finishes by the first week of October (North hemisphere) with a production up to 1200 gr/plant.
Tall plant, long branches.

The Moby Dick is a combination of the famous Haze plant that was used in Amsterdam for many years with the equally famous White Widow in an attempt to reduce the flowering time of the Haze strain, while giving more consistency to the flowers due to the high-yielding heritage of the White Widow and its compact and frosty flowers. The result is the Moby Dick, and it checks every box of the improvement plan.

The Moby Dick has the very vigorous growth of the Sativa genetic, but moderated in its stretch by the White Widow, so we get a beautiful, tall and strong plant with medium to short internodes that will grow flower sites everywhere. The flowers of the Moby Dick can get very big—the size of a bottle if the plant is fed and given the right amount of light,making it one of the highest yielders of our catalog.

The smell of the flowers is a perfect mix of the earthiness and creaminess of the White Widow and the strong Sativa scents of the Haze, whose piney and woody notes—almost like tree sap—mix with the power of the Widow. The Moby Dick’s THC levels can be as high as 24% under the perfect conditions. Its high yield and strong effects make it the perfect strain for large-scale grows. The effects are strong and hit you fast; they combine a strong Sativa head high with a heavy body effect that will last a long time.

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