Fucktard F3



  • Mighty Mite X Freezeland
  • Indoor (±50 Days)
  • Outdoor (Harvest End August Early September )
  • Mostly Indica
  • Regular Seeds

Fucktard F3 Regs
Fucktard is Mighty Mite pollen x Freezeland , gets its name from the original breeder (Jaysprout) who mixed up pollination of a breeding project and pollinated the wrong strain hence the name Fucktard, The results of said fuck up coincidently  has resulted in a early outdoor strain of thick sticky buds with a strong relaxing stone. The smell and taste are a blend of piney, citrus and minty expression. The Fucktard F3 is a result of a RGSC open pollination , early 3Ft robust male specimens were left on site to pollinate the best pick of a bunch of girls resulting in very early hardy outdoor harvests, Fucktard finishes outdoor at the end of August/Beginning September northern hemisphere and is tough as old boots for mould and pests resistance , an old outdoor classic in its own right .

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