CBD Light


Brand Paradise Seeds
Pack Size 5 & 10 Seeds
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor
Indoor Flowering Time 8- 9 Weeks
DNA 60% Indica 40% Sativa
Indoor/ Outdoor Yield 400+ Gr / 300Gr
Seed Type Feminized

CBDelight from Paradise Seeds is another of Paradise Seeds’ latest strains from their new range of CBD dominant cultivars.
CBDelight is a high CBD producing hybrid strain characterised by the serious sense of invigorating relaxation and the complex lemon skunk terp profile.

CBDelight is a truly enchanting hybrid strain that is slightly more dominant with Indica effects. The strain is associated with profound relaxation and an uplifting sense of wellbeing. It is another classic strain with a high production of CBD (15-20%) that means it is possible to be an excellent option for medicinal users or for the connoisseurs who wish to appreciate the experience of cannabis without the psychoactive effects thanks to a reduced prevalence of THC at just 0.6%.

CBDelight is one of the 6 new varieties that have been specially produced via Paradise Seeds in-house breeding program. This program was conceived with the sole objectives in mind to deliver monstrous yields whilst also maximising the respective terpene and flavonoid levels. This was only feasible thanks to the painstaking Research & Development of Paradise Seed’s high CBD strains to increase all of the desirable characteristics.

CBDelight is a complex strain thanks to the depth of the Lemon and Skunk profiles, this means that the cultivar will provide relaxing attributes as well as uplifting qualities that is likely to make a great fit for day to day recreational activities like spending time with your loved ones and friends or going out for a walk.

CBDelight has been tested to have 15-20% CBD and just 0.6% THC!

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Dimensions 11 × 10 × 1 cm
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