CBD Critical 47



  • CBD + Elite Clone X Critical ♯47
  • A therapeutic marvel contrasted and recognized with several awards.

Excellent for pain relief due to the perfect combination between two families, our best clone of Critical # 47, high in THC (recessive), with a strain of CBD Crew (dominant). As a result, fast plants, strong, but not very high, that maintain their known virtues: flowering speed and great production, awarded in several cups. It grows like a Sativa, but with dense buds typical of Indica. The use of tutors is recommended to support the weight of their vigorous flowers. It maintains its initial structure with Sativa similarities, but already in flowering it will show its accelerated speed with dense and heavy floral clusters, in addition to high branching and low internodal distance, so that large plants will need pruning. Moderate sensitivity to fungi.

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Dimensions 11 × 10 × 1 cm
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