White Truffle Limited Edition


  • Amount of seeds 5
  • Flowering time indoor 8 weeks
  • Yield indoor 650-750 grams /m2
  • Mold resistance High

White truffle has been the most populair strain in the USA and Canada in 2023.
Now brought to the European continent by your friends at growerschoice.
The white truffle strain is a cross between peanutbutter breath and gorilla glue.
Wich worked out beyond expectations in quality, flavour and yield.
This high yielding lady will never dissapoint you.
Even with low skills it is guaranteed to be a high quality weed.
Smoking it is a mouth full of flavour, heavy headrush and a good knockout punch.
Leaving you happy and statisfied for the rest of the day.
The plants grow pretty big with heavy sidebranches.
It creates a field full of big flowers covered in shiney thc crystals.

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Weight 0.005 kg
Dimensions 11 × 10 × 1 cm
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