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Wernard Express

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  • Afghan express X AK47
  • A tribute to our founder and the most faithful cultivators of the positronic essence.
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It started as a tribute to Wernard Bruining, renowned pioneer of the cannabis sector, and a detail in the format of promotion of 1 seed to share with the growers who visited us in the many events and fairs, or kept buying in their usual grows. With this objective we made a meticulous selection and development of two varieties that stand out for their great power, among many other characteristics: Afghan Express and a clone very acclaimed by us, the AK47, which brings the sweet touch that ends up falling in love. So much so that, thanks to the demand generated by the good opinions and requests of the growers, we took out this Express variety, in the form of 5 seeds and at a grateful modest price. Plant of medium height, with vigorous growth and homogeneous branching, that will be covered with compact and resinous flowers, giving off a soft but sweet smell, that will take you to the remarkable typical Skunk aroma. Of easy cultivation, it is not necessary to fertilize it a lot since with a good substrate it will be enough for the growth, but arrived the moment of the flowering if it is advisable to help it with the corresponding credit.

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