Tropical Tangie


Cup Winner No
Medicinal No
Flowering Type Standard
Yield High
THC Content Very High (over 20%)
CBD Content Low (0-1%)
Environment Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
Genetics Mainly Sativa
Height Medium
Flowering Time 8-9 WEEKS

Tropical Tangie has an average flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks. This is a hybrid cannabis strain with a Sativa dominant appearance. She has strong branches and, in addition to a nice full main cola, also produces large side blooms.

Her tropical Tangie aroma and flavour is a unique and exotic twist on the traditional old-school Tangie. The scent is fruity and citrus dominant but also has chemical and diesel undertones. Unique and tasty!

Tropical Tangie has a fruity citrus dominant aroma with notes of diesel, lemon, mandarin and orange. Very fruity with a nice acidity
Tropical Tangie is an exotic cannabis strain with a fresh, sour and fruity aroma. Her scent can best be described as fruity and ‘diesel-like’. The diesel/gassy profile comes together with orange and mandarin, making the terpene profile very interesting. It is a powerful and penetrating scent that even has a strong chemical undertone in some phenotypes. The taste is exactly as the smell suggests – ‘Tangie all the way!’

Lovers of a real Tangie cannabis variety will love this. Citrus fruit, tangerine, orange all come together in this tropical fruit cocktail! Slightly stinging on the tongue like a soft drink but wonderfully soft on the throat. If you like Sativa dominant hybrids with an extremely fruity terpene profile then look no further and get this beautiful lady into your grow room as soon as possible!

Tropical Tangie is an easy cannabis strain to grow. Sativa sceptics may complain that these plants tend to take longer and are more difficult to grow than indicas or hybrid photoperiod plants.

That is now a thing of the past, Dutch Passions Tropical Tangie gives you that real fruity Sativa experience but in the form of a fast, potent hybrid plant. The buds become very sticky and she usually manages to produce a heavy yield within 8 to a maximum of 9 weeks of flowering.

Tropical Tangie originated from a large selection of plants from an original Tangie ‘phenohunt’. The elite clone selected from this project excelled in all areas. Both with the classic Tangie aroma and the unmistakable Tangie taste as well as the vigour, potency and effect.

Dutch Passion Tropical Tangie goes a step further than the original, making this strain the go-to variety for lovers of a delicious fruit cocktail. Smoke a fat joint and you can imagine yourself on a tropical beach with a delicious fruity cocktail in your hand!

This cultivar is stable, vigorous and has a very pleasant plant structure to grow in both a SOG and a SCROG. Expect sturdy branches with relatively thin leaves alongside an open structure with beautifully coloured buds!

She can also look very exotic in appearance, with beautiful red, orange and even light purple hues on the leaves and in the buds. In short, a feminised seed strain for the real ‘cannasseur’!

Tropical Tangie has a beautiful Christmas tree structure with large, full blooms & a thick layer of resin. The flowers smell strongly and have epic bag appeal
Tropical Tangie is a beautiful plant to look at, her sativa dominant appearance, relatively slender leaves and nice long blooms give you the feeling that you are growing a tropical Sativa. Although she is not a pure Sativa, such as a Desfrán for example, Tropical Tangie certainly looks like one!

The flowers have a favourable leaf:bud ratio and can develop beautiful hues in the blooms/leaves. Especially when the night temperatures are slightly cooler. She can also ‘foxtail’ at high temperatures, so try to keep your climate controlled at all times!

When grown in the natural way, this lady develops a beautiful Christmas tree structure with heavy long side blooms. This is a suitable cannabis plant for topping or fimming.

This is recommended if you like to grow your plants the natural way but still want to limit her height somewhat. The main central cola can otherwise grow quite strongly and end up close to your lamp in a short time.

The buds of Tropical Tangie have a Sativa appearance, long and slender. But compared to most sativa strains the flowers also become hard and compact. Anything but fluffy. In addition, the buds get a nice sticky layer of trichomes, which ultimately gives them superb bag appeal.

These are beautiful blooms to look at and can sometimes reach arm’s length. The small gaps in the buds provide some aeration and ensure that bud rot is less likely to occur. But always try to keep your humidity low during flowering for best results.

Her plant structure is best described as medium-to-tall, the internode distance is medium and the leaves are of a hybrid structure that have the appearance of a Sativa dominant hybrid. During the growth/veg phase she can show a hybrid plant and leaf structure.

But once flowering is underway you will see more of her Sativa characteristics. She is easy to manipulate and suitable for all kinds of growing methods, such as bending, snapping, supercropping, mainlining and scrogging.

This hybrid cannabis strain has a powerful and long-lasting high. The effect can best be described as a mix of a solid head high and a light body stone. A hybrid effect that is slightly more on the sativa side. The high is energising, euphoric, but also relaxing at the same time.

It is a pleasant high that can last for a long time. A normal joint or vape session can keep you in a daze for hours. The high can be mentally stimulating and can help with creative tasks or starting a busy day.

It is an up-high at all times that can relieve stress and boost your mood. Tropical Tangie is a potent cannabis strain with a high THC content. Nevertheless, the high is never overwhelming, the powerful effect can be felt quickly and in high doses it can provide a real eating kick (munchies).

Medical users will also appreciate this strain for these properties. This is certainly not a couch potato strain, but rather an uplifting high that gives you a relaxed feeling in addition to more energy.

Tropical Tangie has an average flowering time of about 8-9 weeks from the time she is put on a 12/12 light schedule. The plants can grow quite large, especially with a longer pre-growth period. Of course, this also strongly depends on the conditions in which she is grown.

She responds well to topping and fimming and can be successfully grown in either a SOG (with many plants per m2 and a short pre-growth period) or a SCROG (with few plants per m2 and a long pre-grow period).

The strain continues to grow/stretch for about 2 to 3 weeks during the flowering phase. With most phenotypes the first flower hairs (pistils) start to appear from the 2nd or 3rd week of flowering. After around 4 weeks all plants are full of bulbous white flower hairs. Most plants will take an average of 9 weeks to fully mature, in some cases this can be a week longer or shorter depending on climatic conditions.

Tropical Tangie is a cannabis variety with an XL yield. She received this XL rating because of her good yield across a wide variety of grow conditions. The buds become relatively large and fairly compact, which ultimately ensures a heavy harvest.

The plants average between 75-125cm high with many strong side branches that are full of sticky resinous buds. Indoors yields of between 450-550g/m2 are possible. Especially when grown in a SCROG setup.

When growing the natural way, it is recommended to ‘FIM’ the plants to create a more level canopy of buds. If you are going to grow her in a SOG setup then FIM is not necessary and you can grow her with a very short (or even no) pre-growth. The main bloom then provides the bulk of the total weight.

In an outdoor grow it is recommended to give the plants a shelter. Especially in more temperate climates. This is less necessary in a dry and sunny Mediterranean climate. Always try to choose an outdoor grow location with some light wind so that there is no still air around the plants. This minimises risk of mold and rot, for example due to morning dew.

Tropical Tangie is a fast grower and bloomer. Her vigorous development ensures that your growing space is filled in no time. As a result, she also produces quite a lot of leaves during the growth phase and the start of the bloom phase. A tip is to remove leaves and defoliate the plants several times. This improves air flow (with more oxygen and CO2) and also allows the light to penetrate to the lower blooms.

If you want to limit her height a little, you can top or ‘FIM’ this strain. You can also manipulate Tropical Tangie to a desired height with different LST (Cannabis Low Stress Training) or HST (High Stress Training) techniques. Because of her sativa genes she can sometimes ‘foxtail’, to prevent this you will have to control your climate and try to avoid growing her in very high temperatures.

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