Punch Pie


Strain Type: Feminized
THC: 22%
CBD: Low
Genetic Background: Purple Punch x Purple Kush
Type: Sativa 10% Indica 90%
Flowering time: 7 – 9 weeks
Harvest Month: Late September
Height Indoor: 80 – 110 cm
Height Outdoor: 120 – 150 cm
Yield Indoor : 550 – 600 gr/m2
Yield Outdoor: 650 – 750 gr/plant
Climate: Short Summers
Effect: Calming, Euphoric, Physically Relaxing, Sleepy
Flavour: Blueberry, Candy, Earthy

Punch Pie: A Colossal Indica With a Knockout Punch

An exclusive collaboration between RQS and Tyson 2.0 makes Iron Mike’s favourite strains available to home growers, allowing everyone to share the GOAT’s passion for great bud. And Punch Pie, a monstrous hybrid with 90% indica dominance, is high up on the list of Kid Dynamite’s favourites. Plant this seed in your garden or tent, and be ready to harvest jacked buds that’ll leave you glued to the mat after a single hit.

The Massive Descendant of Tyson 2.0’s Cherry Punch Pie (Purple Punch x Purple Kush)

Descending from Cherry Punch Pie by Tyson 2.0, Punch Pie combines genetics from two champion indicas: Purple Punch and Purple Kush. The result is a hardy, stocky plant that veges ferociously and, once in bloom, quickly produces brawny colas of dense, trichome-laden flowers.

Effects, Flavours, and Aromas of Punch Pie: A Smooth One-Hit Wonder With Berry Notes

The smell of this super-resinous indica is enough to knock even experienced smokers off their feet. Break apart the chunky nugs of Punch Pie and you’ll be seduced by sweet notes of ripe blueberries layered over smooth earthy undertones. Inhale her thick, flavoursome smoke, and Punch Pie will coat your palate with rich notes of berry pie and earthy, caramelised pastry. Then, only minutes after inhaling, you’ll feel the full-fledged power of this heavy hitter. Punch Pie delivers a quick 1-2 punch that lands right between the eyes and melts down over the rest of the body, leaving you in a sleepy, hungry, and happy daze. The perfect send-off to a long day.

Growing Characteristics of Punch Pie: Enjoy Big Harvests in Just 9 Weeks

Besides her delicious aromas/flavours and hard-hitting stone, Punch Pie is also a pleasure to grow. Whether you sow these seeds outdoors in the sun or under lights in a tent, this bull-necked indica is sure to delight with her resilience, vigour, and, of course, excellent yields. With her 90% indica genes, Punch Pie produces bushy plants that reach 80–110cm indoors and up to 120–150cm outdoors. After 9 weeks in bloom, this stocky lady grows heavy under the weight of her dense flowers, producing yields of up to 600g/m² inside and 750g/plant out under the sun. So what are you waiting for? Order Punch Pie seeds today and add a heavyweight champ to your garden!

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