• 80% Sativa 20% Indica 
  • Indoor vegetative period: 1-2 weeks 
  • Indoor flowering period: 10-11.5 weeks
  • Indoor production / m2: About 500 grams
  • Height outdoors: About 3 meters
  • Harvest outdoors: Mid October
  • Outdoor production / plant: More than 1 Kg
  • Genotype: Strawberry Haze x White Widow
  • THC: high
  • CBD: low

Malakoff is a short flowering strain that Sativa lovers in particular cannot overlook. This feminized seed variety is a cross between Strawberry Haze x White Widow, so one of the most important results is its short flowering period. Malakoff has a special resistance to fungi, therefore, it is ideal for outdoor crops in places with a high percentage of humidity. It must be borne in mind that it is not suitable for novice growers because if you get a little confused, or the plant becomes stressed at the beginning of flowering, it tends to get out of control due to its vigorous growth and also delays flowering.

Malakoff has a very strong cerebral high for those who prefer an energizing and creative result. It also stands out for its great flavor that combines the acidity of sativas with a characteristic nuance of cream and strawberry. Like the Greek Y and 2046, it is a plant indicated for diseases that require high levels of THC such as glaucoma.

In conclusion; a highly recommended plant for sativa lovers, to be taken into account due to its short flowering period, its flavor and its possible applications for certain diseases.

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