Kushty BX1


  • Strain Lineage (Kushty reversed x Kushty)
  • Outdoor: End September to Beginning October
  • Sativa/Indica
  • Height Medium
  • Yields/ Large
  • Auto / Semi Auto
  • Feminised

Strain Lineage: (Kushty/reversed x Kushty)
The newest Kush strain to the catalogue  KUSHTY BX1  We have now taken a reversed Kushty and back crossed it to the original mother to create the Kushty BX1 in order to further bring down the flowering time for outdoor gardening , creating the back cross with kushty that already has auto triats in its genes makes these plants earlier outdoor, you might find some percentage of the strain will auto flower and give you a few pheno’s of early harvest with the remaining pheno’s finishing buy end of September when planted out in May. Following in its mother’s footsteps the BX1’s are big strong plants holding up huge thick colas, the aroma is citrus, sweet with that old school OG funk,
she has that heavy stone that creeps up behind the eyes and soothes the mind, then hits you like a truck, leaving you feeling Kushty, these ladies are sure to please in any outdoor garden with their heavy hitting kush presence…

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