Jack Diesel



  • Jack Herer X NYC Diesel
  • Two pillars of cannabis aging, united to produce a variety that far exceeds their parents.

The strength of Jack Herer adds to the power and aromas of the New York City Diesel. From the synergy produced from some parents with the best “pedigree”, this powerful hybrid is born that every grower includes in his menu, from the beginner to the “connoisseur”. Productive and vigorous plant, with a strong vegetative growth of Indian type, with short internodal distances and thick central bud. In the flowering it is transformed into sativa, lengthening its lateral branches and adding at the end a sea of ​​”satellites”, hard crystallized buds, around the upper central bud. The strong odor that comes off makes it necessary to use anti-odor filters and / or ozonizers. Very voracious, better not to extend the vegetative period indoors.

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Dimensions 11 × 10 × 1 cm
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