• Kali Mist X Super Silver Haze X Jack Herer
  • High cannabis engineering with sublime drunkenness. Transport yourself to a medieval cathedral in the middle of a celebration party.

Claustrum , our award-winning masterpiece, is the result of a crossing to three bands of exceptional Sativa plants. The first, between Super Silver Haze X Kali Mist , with a highly unpredictable offspring, but from which could be selected a super hybrid that expressed 50% to his two ancestors. And a last cross with one of the best varieties in all history, Jack Herer. A plant with tremendous vegetative vigor. Its spruce or candelabra shape, with great internodal distance and perfect distribution of branches, allows an optimal aeration of the buds, besides obtaining almost unlimited cuttings. It is advisable to optimize indoor lighting, where it reaches a minimum of one meter in height. Outdoors, if a good substrate is supplied, it can reach 5 meters.

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Dimensions 11 × 10 × 1 cm
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