Auto Sour D


  • Mostly Sativa
  • Indoors 60-80 days flowering
  • Outdoors 100 Days Flowering
  • Height 60-100cm
  • Automatic
  • Feminised

Strain Lineage: (Sour Diesel X Ruderalis)

Auto Sour D is a sativa dominant autoflower that is the result of crossing Sour Diesel with a selected ruderalis. The presence of Sour Diesel means that despite this being one of the fastest finishing autoflowering strains available, it maintains excellent potency and flavour.
Auto Sour D has an aroma of sour Diesel with the unmistakable presence of fuel, which carries through on the flavour of the smoke , The high is a typically sativa cerebral hit, which comes on fast and lasts a couple of hours. This is a great strain to treat anxiety, depression and loss of appetite.
The plants stay short, reaching heights between 60 and 80 centimetres, making them ideal for growing in a closet or garden out of site of nosey neighbours.
Indoors, it will do exceptionally well in either hydro or soil, It’s short and bushy structure make it an excellent strain for either a SOG or SCROG methods, she performs best with maximum light hours between 18/6-24hrs
Outdoors Its medium size makes it perfect for garden/Greenhouse or Guerrilla growing with its stealth ability, Plant it where it receives lots of light and you can expect an abundant harvest as early as July.

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