Afghan Express



  • Afghan X Low Ryder II
  • Reminiscences to the best Afghan, ride on this fast flying carpet.

Its origins anchored in the Middle East bring to this plant large size and robustness, surprising for an automatic. Developed for its refreshing virtues, it is a third generation autoflowering. The ancestor of our Afghan is an old clone donated by Wernard Bruining, selected for its excellent THC / CBD ratio. We hybridized it with our best Ruderalis and the offspring crossed each other several times to stabilize and give it a great size with a high percentage of cannabinoids. Plant of Afghan structure: robust and large ramifications, leaves formed by thick and broad leaflets of an intense green color. It develops big buds and covered completely with resin. Without a doubt, Afghan Express will reach an enviable size.

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Weight 0.005 kg
Dimensions 11 × 10 × 1 cm
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