CP Camo US Military Army Assault Tactical Combat Boots


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Product information of Camo Boots
* Color: CP Camo
* Sizes: uk7 uk8 uk9 uk10
* Style Style: Lace + side zipper
* Upper material: Leather
* Lining Material: Special Mesh
* Sole material: High-quality natural rubber abrasion
* Product Features: 1. Designed to wear off quickly, providing convenient and fast way to wear off
2. Feet of human engineering design, provides the most streamlined shape, close to the feet

Detailed Analysis:
1. Upper: Selection of imported high-quality leather as uppers material, texture is very delicate, and flexible wearable, durable wear, wind and dust, affixed to the foot comfort.

2. Wear off easy: Triple design, the foot wrapped more tightly, body side zipper design with nylon shoe laces, easy to wear off, boots mouth with Velcro, so that the foot wrapped more tightly, reduce outdoor injuries.

3. Zipper: Boots Using top flow line side zipper, quality assurance, durable, very smooth pull together, pull together more than withstand repeated thousands of times.

4. Breathable Holes: Front portion of each side of the boot-shaped two fish gill longitudinal holes, so that the toe portion to obtain optimum ventilation effect, minimizes the chance of dust and water into the walking boots.

Additional information

Weight 1.555 kg
Dimensions 35 × 32 × 15 cm

uk10, uk7, uk8, uk9


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